washing machine repair in montreal

We repair all makes of washing machines,whether it is a front load washing machine or a top load washing machine,We can fix it!

Front Load Washing Machine Repair

We repair front load washing machines!

Front load washing machines are becoming more and more popular in todays market due to the fact that they wash very well and are energy efficient.Alot of consumers have been switching from a top load washer to a front load washer because of the way they wash the clothes without the aggressiveness of an agitator.Front load washing machines are very sophisticated and wash your clothes without fading or tearing the fabric and at the same time conserves water and electricity.

When your front load washing machine is in need of repairs,you need to choose a washing machine repair technician like us that has the ability to repair your front load washer properly and within a reasonable cost.

When it comes to front load washing machine repairs,we are the ones to call.

We Repair Most Brands Of Front Load Washers     front load washer repair1

  • Kenmore Front Load Washing Machines
  • Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machines
  • Maytag Front Load Washing Machines
  • Samsung Front Load Washing Machines
  • LG Front Load Washing Machines
  • Frigidaire Front Load Washing Machines
  • General Electric Front Load Washing Machines
  • Amana Front Load Washing Machines
  • Bosch Front Load Washing Machines
  • Brada Front Load Washing Machines
  • And Many More Brands!


Top Load Washing Machine Repair

We repair top load washing machines!

Top load washing machines have been around a long time and are very popular in todays households.Whenever you need repairs on a top load washer,they are usually minor and very inexpensive to fix.

We have been repairing top load washing machines for over thirty years and know everything from the older technology of top load washing machines to the very recent more sophisticated technology of electronics being inputted into the functioning of modern day top load washers.

Whether your top load washing machine needs a drive coupling or shift actuator replaced or an electronic control module or switch or maybe even a transmission,We are definately the right place to call for your repair needs! 

We Repair Most Brands Of top Load Washers    top load washer repair1

  • Kenmore top Load Washing Machines
  • Whirlpool top Load Washing Machines
  • Maytag top Load Washing Machines
  • Samsung top Load Washing Machines
  • LG top Washing Machines
  • Frigidaire top Load Washing Machines
  • General Electric top Load Washing Machines
  • Amana top load Washing Machines
  • Bosch top load Washing Machines
  • Brada top load Washing Machines
  • And Many More Brands!


 Why We Are The Best Choice For Your Washing Machine Repairs

 Our goal is to provide you with the best possible washing machine repair service,and your satisfaction is our number one priority.The majority of our service calls come from satisfied customers that continue to use our washing machine repair service for their washer repair needs.

We also receive many service calls,that are referrals from our existing customers and for that we are very grateful and it lets us know how satisfied our customers are with our service.

Why Do We Continue To Flourish In The Appliance Service Industry? Here are a few good reasons,

  • We are professional and are well trained in washing machine repair and service.
  • We are very reliable.When you call us,You can count on us!
  • We are very courteous to our customers needs.
  • Most of all,Our prices are affordable!